Data leakage via discarded hard drives …

  1. Did you know that there’s most likely a hard disk in your office copier and that it stores every image? #wheresyouroldcopier ?
  2. Crikey! RT @mikejulietbravo: Did you know that there’s a hard disk in your office copier and it stores every image? #wheresyouroldcopier ?
  3. @mikejulietbravo @GabrielleNYC heard about this but never took it serious. does the smaller 4-in-1 printer scanner copier also have HD?
  4. @mikejulietbravo No sitting on the copier at the office party then !
  5. That tip about the COPIER is a shock to many … many never even thought that the copier had a HD in it. Think of all the things you’ve ever copied! Where are those images now?
  6. TIPS: Selling/dumping a computer? Take the disk out. New ones are cheap. : Replacing a copier? Get certificate of destruction for hard disk
  7. If you want a data-hit – go to your local rubbish tip and look at the Hard Disks of the abandoned PCs. Oodles of it there. #DATAIDIOTS
  8. .@lucyinldn : the scrapyard is the collecting hovel for much of the world’s data eh?
  9. @mikejulietbravo ‘Data scavengers’ -I’m sure they’re already out there.
  10. Some comments about how people “in the know” deal with the disk matter …. 
  11. @mikejulietbravo I use a 7lb lump hammer to securely dispose of old hard drives!! Gets rid of aggression too!!
  12. @mikejulietbravo I never throw hard drives away, too much data stored on them, that most people think they have deleted, but they have not.
  13. @mikejulietbravo I take great pleasure in taking a hammer and screwdriver to them 🙂 Safety goggles a must!
  14. @mikejulietbravo Extract & physically destroy. Club-hammer & stone-chisel. “Now *that’s* a proper re-format…” Great fun!
  15. TIPS: two things need pointing out on data destruction: 1) when you think you might have wiped the data, you probably haven’t. And …..
  16. #datadestruction … 2) – Smashing the drive to smithereens is almost a complete solution to the dilemma, with ashes scattered at sea 🙂
  17. @mikejulietbravo “Delete” doesn’t erase data, only the directory entry. Full format required, and even then, Ghosts can be left, can be read
  18. @mikejulietbravo @spritzdekor a few drill holes is fun 🙂
  19. @mikejulietbravo Molten Metal is the only true hard drive data destruction
  20. @mikejulietbravo @spritzdekor Perhaps, but did you make a backup ? Need to destroy these too!
  21. @garethbrown : I’m assuming we are keeping the data and trashing the device in all of this 🙂
  22. I asked David Byrne if he’d heard of a company with a technology similar to one of his own, based in New England …
  23. @mikejulietbravo no don’t know them. I like these guys
    Tip up with a truck that has a grinder in the back. HDD = dust
  24. Lets keep this rolling and see if we can add to the “crowdnous” – it’s useful for the novice and it brings those “in the know” together. 

    Tweet me @mikejulietbravo with hashtag #datadead

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