Klout – the Krowd Kicked Off!

  1. Klout to update algorithm, launch score insights tomorrow http://t.co/JuTTUfPp RT @joefernandez via @TNWapps
  2. I was aware that something was afoot and checked the score from my iPhone while travelling ….

  3. Just took a look at my Klout score – the new algorithm has whacked 19 points off the number! They found me out at last!!
  4. RT @klout: Want to know how much Klout Scores changed in our new release? We’ve added a distribution to our post http://t.co/aZDac9BG
  5. The majority of users’ Klout Scores stay the same or go up. See the distribution here: http://t.co/T1mM5MMl
  6. If I was being employed based on Klout score – I’m 20 % less employable than this morning. Some smoothing of differentials wd’ve worked :-))
  7. @mikejulietbravo Luckily you are not, and even more luckily, the dynamics that make Klout important don’t seem to exist in other places.
  8. @JoeFernandez Hey Joe, thanks for your note. I’m all for the change if it ensures and protects the integrity of the scoring algorithm
  9. So – this is an opprtunity for the competition to “dig in”, but the main one @Peerindex – decides that discretion is the better part of valour and comments thus:

    Don’t worry. Be circumspect (and happy)
    Our Twitter stream has been abuzz with people complaining about how Klout, a company measuring social influence, changed its scoring methodology last night.
    As another player in a similar space, we can speak from some experience when we say to consumers: ‘Don’t worry too much’.

  10. #klout – On matter of scoring & rating systems @azeem of #peerindex wrote “Don’t worry. Be circumspect (and happy)” – http://t.co/AJHJLPZO
  11. @azeem heard a great quote yesterday – Peerindex, the thinking man’s #klout
  12. Trying out @Peerindex as an alternative to @Klout… http://t.co/fQVnEnku
  13. So – looking around my own Tweetstream for appropriate comment, what did I find … ?

  14. @mikejulietbravo and how Klout offers those perks is cynical if @ikepigott ‘s exp is typical http://t.co/sjOOPBXP
  15. @mikejulietbravo I tend to find that my Klout score is heavily based on how many tweets I have done this week, thats not very scientific.
  16. Wonder what the aggregate #Klout score of the St Paul’s occupiers is? 666 perhaps?
  17. RT @OccupyKlout: We can’t stand idly by while #Klout downgrades AMERICA. #OccupyKlout
  18. @mikejulietbravo #klout is chasing the herd trying to give the impression that the herd is chasing it – still 2 early to forecast its power
  19. Klout’s scoring changes incite a riot of complaints http://t.co/KlDsxEEX via @zite >> it’s work in progress and it’ll settle down later 🙂
  20. So – what’s my view? 

    My own view is quite calm, though being frank, as a Social Pro with a business stream riding on my reputation – I wish these guys would be a little less clumsy in their implementations. 

    AND though I do think that these measurements are a bit dodgy sometimes – I know that as the Social Ecosphere is used for marketing purposes, just like the press, there will inevitably be some metrics for volume, target market and quality. 
    So I’m with @azeem in reality …

  21. All of these scoring systems are work in progress though – I support their use. Just like ABC ratings for journals. Some measure #Klout
  22. @mikejulietbravo they always will be a work in progress because they are flawed in many ways and it rates a fast moving ever changing thing.
  23. The Facebook Factor.
    My Facebook account was already connected to Klout, though it isn’t a place that I use for much in my current model of Social Business interaction. 

    But I think the feeling exists that the algorithm change swung the measure in favour of Facebook and away from Twitter as the dominant measured transaction flow.

  24. The urban view is that #Klout has decided to weight in favour of Facebook, which sounds possible. FB is not my place really.
  25. @mikejulietbravo I believe that heavy #Twitter users are the ones seeing the huge drops – 🙂 #Klout
  26. Now that would be disappointing for me RT @mikejulietbravo The urban view is #Klout decided to weight in favour of Facebook.
  27. I just connected my @klout account with Facebook. Connect and see how your @klout improves! http://t.co/m9w6w1bG
  28. @mikejulietbravo I’ll have to carefully seperate any business from friends and family on Facebook. It may be easier to devalue klout
  29. @mikejulietbravo it is not that I base much emphasis on my #Klout – it just seems that they disenfranchised #Twitter
  30. Does it matter anyway …?

  31. Should you care how high your Klout score is? http://t.co/3r6KabeW via @zite
  32. @mikejulietbravo or, should I care about #Klout. Not sure I should!
  33. @mikejulietbravo I got a boost on this account..but down 9 points on @greenabode Re. privacy, check this http://t.co/pHBQnivh
  34. And there appears to be a #PRIVACY concern rearing its head, which I’ve yet to fully understand …

  35. RT @jkcallas: Is Klout Using Our Family to Violate Our Privacy? http://t.co/El6yP1Mh #facebook #klout #privacy
  36. @mikejulietbravo Klout is getting worse & major privacy concerns kicking off – I’m done with it
  37. So – is Klout on its way out? 

  38. “@seanEclark: Is Klout On The Way Out? http://t.co/dJXmWvml via @jkcallas” <~ @mikejulietbravo
  39. .@garydickenson : I think Klout has bungled this latest episode. It may well hurt it, though I doubt that it’s fatal.
  40. Klout endangered more reputations than it enhanced the other day. When I was in forecasting & stats biz, the big word was smoooothing 🙂
  41. Social metrics are guides, not rules yet. Insight from @azeem on @klout kerfuffle: http://t.co/2KlCbp5m (via @allanschoenberg & @jangles)
  42. To wrap up … I’m in favour of these measurement systems. 

    They have to develop. 

    There are going to be many in the short and medium term, coming down to just a few that matter in the longer term.

  43. Klout and Peerindex have gone through these “adjustments” before, with scores lurching around while they “tune” the algorithms. This one from Klout, though was radical enough to shake the tree quite a lot. It’ll settle down and over time balance will be restores, I think.

    Now … 
    I’m off to find out what happened to that Kred thingy that I signed up for a few weeks back 🙂 Happy scoring!

    @mikejulietbravo #klout

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